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Infinite Possibilities

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Professor Meir Pugatch spoke at the launch of the fourth edition of the U.S. Chamber’s International IP Index. Titled: Infinite Possibilities, this edition maps and benchmarks the intellectual property environment in 38 economies, which together account for nearly 85% of global gross domestic product (GDP). On the whole, while challenges and setbacks still exist across the board, many of the benchmarked countries have taken positive steps and improved their IP environments. The Index also includes a special annex which underscores the benefits experience by countries as they strengthen their IP environments by correlating the Index’s scores with 19 variables reflecting key economic activities. In fact, most of these correlations have strengthened with respect to the Index’s former edition, illustrating an even more compelling picture that IP rights support national efforts to build innovative and competitive economies.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s press release of the launch can be found here: Link

An interactive map of the 2016 Index scores can be accessed here: The Global IP Center

The full report may be accessed here: Report

The Supplementary Statistical Analysis – IP as a Development Tool – can be accessed here: IP as a Development Tool


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Amir specializes in the semiconductor industry, both in hardware and software spanning multi and cross market experience in Mobile, Security, Consumer Electronics, Embedded, Telecom, e-Commerce and Military segments. Amir has held senior management roles at a number of organisations and his skills have been utilised to lead and establish new business, integrate new technology and developed measurable outcomes for success with emerging new companies. Amir’s work is international and he had an extensive experience with the North American, European, Asian and the Middle East markets.
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