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Is Taiwan Ready for the Top Spot?

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Professor Meir Pugatch spoke today at the forum “Positioning Taiwan as an Asia-Pacific Biomedical R&D Hub” which took place the International Convention Center in Taipei, and included the Vice President of Taiwan and additional government officials.

Professor Pugatch presented a comprehensive analysis of Taiwan’s competitiveness in the biotech sector, as well as recent improvements to and remaining challenges in Taiwan’s path to leadership in global biotech innovation.

By utilizing a competitive mentality that views policy as instrumental in achieving economic and societal goals, Taiwan has emerged as a rising bioeconomy, ranked 3rd among newcomer economies in Pugatch Consilium’s Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness and Investment (BCI) Index – a benchmark of economies’ competitiveness and attractiveness to biopharma investments in 31 markets. Identifying and addressing remaining gaps to international standards could place Taiwan at the top spot in the global biomedical innovation field.

The 2017 edition of the BCI can be accessed here: http://www.pugatch-consilium.com/?page_id=1589#BCI_2017


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Amir specializes in the semiconductor industry, both in hardware and software spanning multi and cross market experience in Mobile, Security, Consumer Electronics, Embedded, Telecom, e-Commerce and Military segments. Amir has held senior management roles at a number of organisations and his skills have been utilised to lead and establish new business, integrate new technology and developed measurable outcomes for success with emerging new companies. Amir’s work is international and he had an extensive experience with the North American, European, Asian and the Middle East markets.
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