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A New Era For Russian Biotechnology In 2030 – Remains To Be Seen And Proven

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Professor Meir Pugatch spoke at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in the panel: “Life Sciences in 2030: A New Era for Biotechnology” which took place on May 26, 2018 and included the Deputy Ministers of the Ministries of Health, Industry and Trade, and Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as well as Senior Executives of top MNCs in the private sector. Prof. Pugatch presented key highlights of Pugatch Consilium’s research concerning the enabling conditions for developing a competitive bioeconomy in Russia in order to achieve its economic and societal development goals.


A more detailed discussion focusing on existing gaps in Russia’s Intellectual Property (IP) Protection regime was provided by Prof. Pugatch in a second panel “Regulating the Technological Singularity”. Pugatch Consilium’s research indicate that economies that provide supportive policy environments with favorable IP regimes and market-based incentives enjoy the vast societal and economic gains of a competitive knowledge-based economy, compared to economies which utilize mandatory localization measures and whose IP frameworks fall short of international standards. By addressing key gaps that act as barriers to investment – such as the increasing use of mandatory localization measures and growing threats of using compulsory licensing as a tool for cost-containment  – Russia could increase its competitiveness and lead the global life sciences sector, reaping the benefits of the bioeconomy.


View the broadcast of the “Life Sciences in 2030” panel, including Prof. Pugatch’s presentation, here: https://www.forumspb.com/en/programme/56968/


View the broadcast of the “Regulating the Technological Singularity” panel, including Prof. Pugatch’s presentation, here: https://www.forumspb.com/en/programme/56935/

Ma'ayan Laufer

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Ma’ayan Laufer is a senior consultant at Pugatch Consilium - a boutique consultancy that provides evidence-based research, analysis and intelligence on the fastest growing sectors of the knowledge economy. Ma’ayan specializes in regulatory and economic analysis related to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property and innovation. He has wide experience in benchmarking excellence in the biomedical and pharmacovigilance fields, and specific experience in mapping clinical trial, registration and pharmacovigilance environments. Ma’ayan holds an MSc in Healthcare Management & Administration from the University of Haifa.
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