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¿Cómo ser más competitivo? How to increase competitiveness – a Semana Magazine interview with Ma’ayan Laufer, Senior Consultant at Pugatch Consilium

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Today Semana Magazine, Colombia’s leading and international prize-winning magazine, published the article: ¿Cómo ser más competitivo? (How to increase competitiveness?) following an exclusive interview with Ma’ayan Laufer, a senior consultant at Pugatch Consilium. The interview took place last week, right after the launch of Pugatch Consilium’s recent report: “Challenges and Opportunities – Developing the Biotechnology Sector in Colombia” at the Bionovo conference in Bogotá, Colombia [BioNovo]

The key findings of the report, that Colombia could see over 100 new clinical trials and up over $450 million in economic gains per year from a reform to its clinical research policy environment, are presented and discussed in the interview, along with the variety of health, economic and societal gains derived from clinical research.

The full interview in Semana Magazine can be found here: http://www.semana.com/100-empresas/articulo/como-ser-mas-competitivo/498831.

Additional media echoes of the reports’ findings can be found here: http://www.revistasumma.com/9-razones-por-las-que-colombia-debe-apostarle-a-construir-el-sector-de-biotecnologia/; http://corferias.com/index.cfm?doc=modulos/noticias/view&id=1063&intIdioma=1&StrIdioma=es.

The report “Challenges and Opportunities – Developing the Biotechnology Sector in Colombia” can be found here: http://www.pugatch-consilium.com/?page_id=1589.

Ma'ayan Laufer

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Ma’ayan Laufer is a senior consultant at Pugatch Consilium - a boutique consultancy that provides evidence-based research, analysis and intelligence on the fastest growing sectors of the knowledge economy. Ma’ayan specializes in regulatory and economic analysis related to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property and innovation. He has wide experience in benchmarking excellence in the biomedical and pharmacovigilance fields, and specific experience in mapping clinical trial, registration and pharmacovigilance environments. Ma’ayan holds an MSc in Healthcare Management & Administration from the University of Haifa.
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