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Commercialization Memoranda

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Will the Obama administration’s recently issued memoranda have a noticeable effect on technology transfer, IP commercialization and small business growth?

With his Jobs Bill still pending in Congress, on October 28th President Obama announced a series of measures and instructions to the federal government and its agencies to try and help stimulate the economy. The measures were outlined in two presidential memoranda: “Accelerating Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Federal Research in Support of High-Growth Businesses” (Memoranda 1) and “Making it Easier for America’s Small Businesses and America’s Exporters to Access Government Services to Help Them Grow and Hire” (Memoranda 2). While the administration’s attempt to promote greater technology transfer and administrative efficiency among governmental agencies should be applauded, it is doubtful that the introduction of new tech transfer metrics or goals will substantially raise rates of technology transfer and the commercialization of federal research.

For further analysis from Pugatch Consilium on this issue, see: Commercialization-Memoranda


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