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Demand Side Innovation in Europe? Dream on!

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Demand Side Innovation in Europe? Dream on! A recent seminar organized by the Polish EU Presidency emphasized the need for supporting demand-side innovation policies in Europe, arguing that “without effective and coordinated demand-side innovation policies, Europe will find it hard to survive in the tightening competition over future business investments.” Yet at the same time, more than a decade after it was launched, many EU Member States have still not hit the basic Lisbon Agenda target of 3% of GDP investment in R&D. Moreover, Member States and many of their respective governmental agencies tend to belittle the value of incremental and gradual innovation and focus on the value of cost containment (take the case of new medicines for example). In such a confused policy space, it is difficult to see how the EU can push forward with a credible innovation plan and agenda.



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Prof. Meir Pugatch specialises in intellectual property policy, management and exploitation of knowledge assets, technology transfer, market access, pharmacoeconomics and political economy of public health systems. He has extensive experience in economic and statistical modelling and indexing; valuation of assets and design of licensing agreements; and providing strategic advice to international institutions, multinational corporations and SMEs from all sectors of the knowledge economy. Meir’s work is highly international and he has wide-ranging knowledge of North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
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