Our work with various institutions, both public and private, has allowed us to produce a range of publications on a regular basis. Below is a sample of our publicly available work, including reports, articles and proceedings, which relates to the areas on which we focus. To obtain a full list or a copy of these publications, please contact us.

The U.S. Chamber International IP Index, Infinite Possibilities, Fourth Edition, February 2016,

Infinite Possibilities IP as a Development Tool: Supplementary Statistical Analysis to the U.S. Chamber International IP Index, February 2016

UP: Unlimited Potential Annex – IP Rights as a Gateway to Building Innovative Economies: Supplementary Statistical Analysis
February 2015
This annex augments the analysis in the Global Intellectual Property Center International IP Index (GIPC Index) concerning the economic benefits of strengthening intellectual property (IP) protection, by comparing the GIPC Index scores with a number of additional variables using correlations (statistical measures of the likelihood of two elements occurring together). In doing so, the annex provides further insight into the role and impact of IP rights on building innovative economies.

Pugatch, M.P., Torstensson, D. & Laufer, M. (2015), The Next Frontier in Ensuring the Quality of Medicines: Maintaining International Quality and Safety Standards in the Manufacturing and Supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Pugatch, M.P., Torstensson, D. & Laufer, M. (2015), The Evolution of Pharmacovigilance: Labeling, Packaging and Pharmacopeia Standards

Chu, R. & Pugatch, M.P. (2015), “How to stay one step ahead of an outbreak”, fDiIntelligence, February/March 2015, pp.78-9

UP: Unlimited Potential, GIPC International IP Index, 3rd edition, February 2015

UP: Unlimited Potential Annex – IP Rights as a Gateway to Building Innovative Economies: Supplementary Statistical Analysis, February 2015

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