Today content and technology-based industries operate in a world where external business conditions have a significant impact on their ability to continue to generate value from innovation, creativity, new technologies, and standards.

Content creators and manufacturers of information and communication technologies are affected by a range of regulatory and policy issues including: competition and antitrust policy; standardisation; intellectual property infringement; data privacy; and growing trends such as open innovation and cloud computing.

Understanding and responding to these developments is pivotal to the ability of any organisation to continue to operate in an effective and efficient manner.

Based on the combination of our academic knowledge and business experience, we work with our clients and business partners to:

  • Monitor and analyse specific policy and regulatory developments that affect commercial and business performance.
  • Devise an effective policy and advocacy response to such challenges.
  • Consider and assess the feasibility of alternative business models that seek to leverage external policy developments.
  • Develop quantitative measurements for determining the value of contemporary income streams and commercial models.
  • Support public and external affairs functions with evidence-based data and content which is specific to the IT&C industries.

Examples of our recent public work include a report on the economic effects of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (see Chapter 5) and an analysis of the creation and leveraging of intellectual property as a commodity in itself.

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