The creation, transfer and utilisation of technologies is rapidly becoming a field of its own, with a significant strategic and commercial value to organisations.

Technology transfer is now central to many commercial activities of organisations across the board – be it an SME or a multinational corporation, a start-up company or a mature organisation, a private entity or a public body.

At the same time the field of technology transfer is highly dependent on a multitude of factors, both in terms of the overall legal, regulatory and macroeconomic environment in which it takes place, and in terms of the professional capacity of each organisation to successfully engage in technology transfer activities.

With our assistance our clients and business partners are able to:

  • Create the most robust technology transfer platforms.
  • Better value existing intellectual property assets.
  • Design and implement high-quality licensing agreements and transactions.
  • Create income and benefit-sharing schemes throughout the course of a transaction.
  • Form collaborative technology transfer platforms, such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, patent pools and cross-licensing agreements.
  • Use new insights concerning legal frameworks and policies at the national and regional level to shape technology transfer and business decisions.