At Pugatch Consilium we specialize in a range of services that provide pertinent information on evidence-based research, analysis and intelligence on the fastest growing sectors of the knowledge economy.

We focus on areas such as innovation, asset creation, technology transfer, intellectual property and market access. Our main competitive advantage is our ability to harness rigorous empirical analysis – such as data collection, modelling and trend mapping – and translate it into concrete action.

We judge the effectiveness of our services by the degree to which we have helped our clients optimise their performance and meet their organisational objectives.

Industry Knowledge

Today the global economy poses unique challenges for knowledge-intensive industries, requiring them to think strategically about their ability to innovate and provide value, as well as develop new business models that maximise their return on investment.

At Pugatch Consilium we have an in-depth understanding of these processes and are able to assist our clients and partners in building and implementing effective strategies for operating in the global economy.

The following case studies illustrate what Pugatch Consilium can offer.

  • Energy & Environmentally Sound Technologies
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Information Technology & Content-Based Industries (IT&C)


Our services focus on translating rigorous empirical evidence into concrete action points that meet the various commercial needs of our clients and business partners.

  • Economic & Statistical Analysis
  • Evidence-Based Data Sampling & Analysis
  • Supporting Advocacy Efforts & Public Outreach
  • Research & Horizon Scanning
  • Technology Transfer Advisory Service

Tools & Methodologies

Over the years we have developed several high value instruments that we use in our day-to-day work with our clients. These tools allow us to provide highly focused and accurate services. Some of our brand instruments include:
  • Indices
  • Evidence-Based Analysis
  • Reports & Presentations
  • Benchmarking